Providence Neighborhood Sees Potential in Public Street

A design team presented some examples of urban waterfront public spaces, including bridges, boardwalks, and recreational areas, to show the audience how features like art, landscaping, and infrastructure could be incorporated into the public way.

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Construction Firm, Senior Employee Charged with Illegally Dumping Contaminated Fill

The defendants allegedly authorized the transport of about 1,114 tons of contaminated soil from a Rhode Island site and another 3,460 tons of contaminated stone from a Boston site to the 6/10 project site. Much of it ended up dumped in the Olneyville neighborhood.

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Products for Body and House Aspire to Wean Us Off Toxins

The simple principle of use, refill, and reuse drives the strategy of many of these producers, which are selling toxin-free necessities such as body hygiene items, household cleaners, laundry soaps, and baby and pet products.

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