Cozy Rhody, PVD Bike Jam to Join Forces for Litter Cleanup

On May 15, Cozy Rhody volunteers, PBJ members, and anyone else who is interested in removing litter will gather at 85 Garfield Ave. in Cranston.

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R.I. Programs Explore Health Benefits of Being in Nature

Evidence abounds on the interconnectivity between kids and nature, and that time outside reaps myriad benefits. The healing power of nature across all ages impacts weight management and stress relief.

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Data Show Widespread Toxic Chemical Contamination Across Rhode Island and Massachusetts

These manufactured compounds repel both water and oils, which has led to widespread use in consumer products. The chemicals are used in electronics, firefighting foam, anti-fogging sprays, waxes, microwave popcorn bags, and some pizza boxes. They have been found in indoor air and in bottled water.

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