Complicated Spill Tough to Clean Up

PASCOAG, R.I. — In order to understand the devastating impact of the now-decade-old MTBE contamination on the bedrock aquifer under the village of Pascoag, one must understand how gasoline and its constituent chemicals behave when leaked into soil.

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There’s What in My Water?

PASCOAG, R.I. — After bringing a new wellhead online in early 2001, the Pascaog Utility District and its customers felt pretty good about the safety of their water supply, but that all changed within a few months.

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Rhode Island’s Pollution Problems Long in the Making

Most states in the Northeast are plagued by contaminated soil, polluted waters and abandoned properties rife with toxic waste. Centuries of incineration, smelting, metal plating, concrete manufacturing, etching, electroplating and the burning of fossil fuels has tainted, perhaps forever, New England's air, soil and water.

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