Ignoring Problem Won’t Make It Disappear: R.I. Public Transit Needs Statehouse Help

Too few Rhode Island lawmakers speak about the importance of public transit and the need to grow RIPTA ridership. Instead, those who control the levers of power are fixated on turning Kennedy Plaza into a playground for the city’s wealthy landlords.

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Time to Tax Stormwater Runoff to Better Protect Ocean State’s Impaired Waters

The time is now for Rhode Island to move past the indolent held-for-further-study stage and actually create stormwater utility districts, which are more equitable than continually relying on higher property taxes.

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Expecting Alviti-Led RIDOT to Reduce Transportation Pollution is Gross Negligence

Nothing in Peter Alviti Jr.’s eight-plus-year reign as RIDOT director indicates he considers reducing transportation sector emissions a priority. He spits in the eye of the climate crisis by spending millions widening highways in hopes of cutting commute times by minutes. He dismisses those who disagree with his 20th-century approach to transportation.

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