Fossil Fuels Allowed to Pollute Classrooms and Lecture Halls

Inviting fossil fuel PR into classrooms is hardly limited to the Ivy League. Dozens of colleges and universities have partnerships with the climate-changing industry.

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Aquidneck Island Needs to Go On a Diet

To get most anywhere on Narragansett Bay’s largest island requires navigating one of two racetracks, either East or West Main roads — a task that even in a motorized four-wheeled vehicle can be taxing.

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Fear Factor: Hollywood Produced ‘Creature Features’ Left Us Unsympathetic to Plight of Sharks

“Jaws” is one of the most recognizable movies in the “creature feature” genre. This genre portrays animals as villains. These movies are popular, but their impact on the human psyche can be profound. The blockbuster led to vendetta and revenge killings of great white sharks.

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