Food for Thought: Create New England Regional Food System That Addresses Climate Crisis, Feeds Everyone

Plenty of work and policy changes remain if Rhode Island and the region’s five other states want to produce and consume significantly more local food. Urban farmers, community gardens, farmers markets, and community-supported agriculture alone can’t carry a regional food system. Serious investments in agriculture and seafood infrastructure are essential to ensuring long-term food security throughout the six-state region.

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Funding for Farmland Preservation in Rhode Island Dries Up

In a state as small and densely populated as Rhode Island, farmland is at a premium. At $16,468 per acre on average, it's some of the most expensive farmland in the nation.

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Smallest State has Lots to Offer When it Comes to Holiday Cooking, Gifting

Rhode Island farms and businesses offer ingredients that can cover many festive meals, from a Christmas Eve lasagna to Hanukkah latkes.

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