Priceless Space Where Land Meets Sea is Slowly Drowning

Rhode Island’s salt marshes are magical places. They are where land meets sea, liminal areas where you can hear both the chirping of crickets and the caw of seagulls. Oysters and mussels sit warm in the brackish mud. But they are at risk.

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Providence’s Knowledge District Slow to Grasp Reality of Rising Waters

PROVIDENCE — There is no code, regulation or policy that requires developers to account for sea-level rise when building in the Jewelry District and the I-195 Redevelopment District, despite the fact downtown is susceptible to increased flooding.

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Fishermen’s Tales Illustrate R.I.’s Changing Seaside Landscape

Rhode Island is often sold for its connection to the ocean; advertisements show oceanfront hotel views, beachside tiki bars and calamari hot out of the fryer with rings of neon-green pickled peppers. But dive beneath the surface and what emerges is a more nuanced picture of the Ocean State’s fishing way of life.

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