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Are We Building Things We Need in Places That Make Sense?


Co-hosts Frank Carini and Nick Boke interview Scott Duhamel of the R.I. Building and Construction Trades Council to talk about smart(er) growth.

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  1. Very impressive discussion. Particularly notable is how fragile labor’s position is today in this race-to-the-bottom economy we have arrived at after nearly forty years of "Reaganomics." Sad to learn how little our politicians have done for labor at Quonset Pt. Another eye-opener is how little the volumes of planning documents, economic studies, etc. really count when the rubber meets the road—or rather the buck meets the palm. Scott Duhamel is a great spokesman for labor’s position.

  2. Particularly appreciate both commentaries at the end of the (enlightening) interview. Thank you. I look forward to the next edition of ecotalk.

  3. It is a sad fact that developers are in control of our built environment, and planners are reactive to their wishes. Cash is king. The highest utility of land is measured in possible dollars earned, not the utility of environmental quality.
    We need to change our math of successful products, buildings, and goods, to include the costs of pollution and product disposal.
    Great podcast, Interviewers knew what to ask, and Duhamel tells it like it is.
    Please chose other theme music. The present one is sitcom cartoonish.

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