BPA: Possible Water Contaminant

Rhode Island state health officials acknowledge concerns over bisphenol-A, but so far offer no public safety guidelines.

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Cigarette Butts Choke Ocean State’s Coastline

What do you suppose is the most prevalent pollutant and source of debris internationally in stormwater runoff? Aluminum cans, you say? Not even close. Plastic bottles, maybe? You’re still cold. It’s got to be plastic bags; they blow everywhere like little poison parachutes? While they are a big problem, plastic bags represent less than half, by weight, of the main culprit.

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What’s in Our Water?

This much already is known: industrial products used as flame-retardants can have adverse, long-term effects on wildlife and humans. Now, a professor at the University of Rhode Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography wants to find out how much of these compounds are in the Narragansett Bay watershed.

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