Roadside Litter Piling Up: Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute

Today’s environmental advocates are working toward zero waste, more renewable energy, complete streets, organic fruits and vegetables, and local food systems. Juxtaposed against these big-picture efforts aimed at systemic change, is an ongoing, often-forgotten, 20th-century effort that simply seeks — and has largely failed to secure — minor behavioral changes.


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Rural Rhode Island Town at Epicenter of Leaking Fuel Tank Story

RICHMOND, R.I. — The story of Canob Park is a nearly forgotten one today, but in 1983 the neighborhood received national attention, when “60 Minutes” featured the plight of a local neighborhood. The intent was to highlight an emerging environmental problem: hundreds of thousands of aging and leaking underground gas tanks and a lack of environmental regulations to address the threat.

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Sources of Newport’s Drinking Water Contaminated

NEWPORT, R.I. — The ponds that supply the Newport Water System and its nearly 15,000 service connections with drinking water are impaired and don’t meet the federal requirements of the Clean Water Act.


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