Hydrologic Impacts of Large-Scale Ground-Mounted Solar Require More Research

The replacement of carbon-based electricity production with renewables will cause major changes to our regional landscape as solar production grows to provide more energy to power grids. This necessary shift […]

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Let’s Truly Make It Public: People and the Environment Deserve Better

There are arguably few things more American than the public lands that make up our national park system and protect a spectacular array of wild animals. These vast wilderness preserves were entrusted to us more than a century ago for the common enjoyment of the spectacular scenery and recreational opportunities they provide. It’s time we stop selling chunks off on the cheap.

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What is a Forest Worth? Priceless When It Comes to Climate, Biodiversity Crises

Reducing carbon emissions has been a primary focus of governmental action in addressing the climate crisis. Transportation planning, renewable energy siting, promotion of electric vehicles, and home energy audits, all aimed at reducing the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. Conversely, there has been little attention paid to the importance of not clear-cutting forests.

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