Toxic Debate About Siting Schools on Brownfields

PROVIDENCE — Less than a year ago, Rhode Island passed a bill that prohibited the construction of schools on industrial waste sites where there is potential for toxic vapors to seep into classrooms. The law was proudly touted by both state officials and environmental justice advocates as the most stringent in the nation.

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Students Aim to Hit Fossil Fuel Where It Hurts

PROVIDENCE — In July, environmental activist Bill McKibben wrote an article about global warming for Rolling Stone magazine, which, for a brief moment, made the country forget about Justin Beiber.

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Still-Contaminated Gorham Site Frustrates Residents

PROVIDENCE — Most of the two dozen or so Reservoir Triangle neighborhood residents in attendance bit their tongues when it came to the still-sensitive subject of Alvarez High School — formerly Adelaide High School — even though they were gathered in its cafeteria.

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