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The Heal Room Makes Sustainability Accessible for All


ecoRI News reporter Grace Kelly speaks with Ana Duque, owner of Green Tenderfoot, a business that makes zero-waste living accessible to communities of color by providing refills of household items such as shampoo and cleaning products.

Recently, Duque teamed up with Karen Mejias, owner of the wellness business Mindful Maia, to build a permanent location for her refill station in Pawtucket, R.I. The Heal Room will feature Duque’s refill stations alongside Mejias’ wellness products. As a Latina woman who grew up in Pawtucket, Duque hopes she can show communities of color that living sustainably and reducing waste isn’t just something for wealthier, White communities; it’s for everyone.

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  1. Thanks for this awesome interview – I’m looking forward to shopping and refilling at their physical location!

  2. Stop it with the constant focus on race! The real issue is class.
    There are wealthy black people, and poor white people. If you’ve ever been to West Warwick, you know what I’m talking about.

    Stop framing economic class issues in racial terms. It doesn’t make sense and most thinking people see right through it.

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