Raimondo Committed to Burrillville Power Plant


EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Gov. Gina Raimondo recently praised an unexpected 40 percent growth in the state’s renewable energy sector while still endorsing the proposed natural gas power plant in Burrillville.

Rhode Island’s “green” economy now comprises 14,000 jobs in the renewable energy, energy-efficacy and alternative-transportation sectors. Jobs in the renewable energy industry grew a whopping 84 percent in one year. The workforce includes engineers, electricians, technicians, and lawyers.

“What we need to do is we need to invest, we need to keep going,” Raimondo said at the April 12 event celebrating the Rhode Island Clean Energy 2016 Industry Report.

Many of the jobs, Raimondo said, are due to a collaboration between traditional industries, such as steelworkers, small businesses and higher education. She stressed the importance of several bills in the General Assembly that would expand many renewable and energy-efficiency programs in the state.

“It’s good for the climate. It’s good for the environment. I look forward to working with the Legislature to get [those bills] done,” she said.

During a press briefing, Raimondo said she was committed to advancing the state’s renewable energy sector. She also maintained that the proposed 1-gigawatt Burrillville power plant is the right thing at the moment.

“The practical reality is, right now natural gas is the interim solution for Rhode Island,” Raimondo said.


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  1. No, it’s not, Gina. You’re going to poison us all. Please do the right thing and harness solar, wind or ocean wave energy instead.

  2. I am a resident of Burrillville, RI. My husband was born here and I moved here when I was 12. We moved to VA for four years while he served active duty for the U.S. Navy. We moved back to Burrillville and rented an apartment in Pascoag.
    The gasoline station containment our water with MTBE, which hurt my family, but me physically (lost most most of my hair, hurt and destroyed some of my bone density and now suffer migraines). After this we still wanted to stay and raise a family here because of the wonderful lakes, wood and quiet.
    We both work over an hour a away, but still wanted to be in Burrillville, so we bought a house in 2011. My health as the result of the previous MTBE incident has resulted in faster progressing RA and Fibromyalgia. As much as I don’t want to leave, if this new plant is put in, it will not only effect my well water, air quality and noise pollution, but my overall health as well as my husband’s and children’s health.
    My question is to you, would you do this to you kids and family?

  3. So the Governor on the economic welfare of the people. But, she has also a responsibility toward their health and safety, and toward the environment that sustains that sustains both. In the mid 80’s, when the current largest power plant in RI was being permitted, (the Ocean State plant, also in Burrillville,) then Governor Diprete fulfilled his duty and asked the US Environmental Protection Agency to intervene and review the environmental impact statement that what prepared by another federal agency, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. (See the minutes of the final public hearing on FERC’s EIS in volume II of Ocean State Power, Final Environmental Impact Statement, 1988.) Why won’t Governor Raimondo do the same? Is it because she wants to railroad this project? Could she be party to a stratagem employed by Invenergy and its backers to "segment" the pipeline, power line and power plant elements of this project to protect the power plant from exactly that federal and interstate scrutiny?
    You know, Rhode Islanders are often accused of being too cynical. Could it be that our intimacy with salt water has developed in us a more acute sense for the odor of rotten fish?

  4. All this woman is seeing is dollar signs people. She doesn’t give a rats ass about anyone’s health. If you look at the map, it’s not only Burrillville this power plant will affect. It will be quite a large radius stretching well into Massachusetts and most of Rhode Island. I believe even some of Connecticut.

  5. Of course Governor Raimondo supports another power plant being built in Burrillville. She doesn’t live here! She doesn’t travel our roads, drink our water, or breath our air! And apparently, she doesn’t think she will ever need our support/votes in the future. Why don’t we just move this power plant project to Ms Raimondo’s backyard? Smithfield still has some land…

  6. The governor is making another major mistake by backing this power plant that is not needed and the people of Burrillville will be calatetal damage with air and noise pollution .Big business greed will rule and only the people who have something to gain money wise will think they have won.The governor can’t even get a simple state logo right and she will back this major project that will effect thousands of residents in Pascoag village .My hope is the people who make the final decision will take the human and environment concerns first and who’s pocket will be filled

  7. THIS IS NOT THE FAULT OF OUR COUNCIL. They are powerless in this situation, and HAVE to remain neutral for the time being. I’m sure some of them would love to speak out against the plant, but they are UNABLE TO DO SO at this current time.

    Instead, townspeople, please focus your anger on the people in the position to put a stop to this plant. Call Ms. Raimondo, write to her, tell her that we can’t let this happen to the town of Burrillville.

    Don’t waste your time harassing the innocent: CALL OUT THE GUILTY.

  8. Gina,
    Who are you pandering to? The proposed power plant for Burrillville would be an accident waiting to happen. How could you betray the people of Burrillville and the entire state! Do you understand the health risks and the dangers that could easily result from this plant. PUC says it is not necessary. We already have enough mega watts of power!!

  9. I live in Exeter and I firmly oppose this! Wind power and solar should be out future- not something that will destroy the environment! Norma LaSalle

  10. I agree entirely w/ Norm LaSalle Wind and Solar are our future not some antiquated environmental destroying energy plant…!!! RI already has at least 2 solar parks we need more and need to invest in having wind and solar power installations on ALL State buildings….!

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