Tiverton Attorney Defends Injured Animals

TIVERTON, R.I. — For nine years, Jake has resisted the urge to pester a blind duck, hunt a turkey with a broken leg and nag the elderly horses. This lovable bird dog leaves the property’s hodgepodge of ducks, geese and other rehabbing, or visiting, waterfowl to their own amusement.

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Shoring Up the Shoreline Isn’t Cheap

Though Irene spared Rhode Island from major damages, save for the inconvenience of anywhere from 12 to 168 hours without power and the hefty cost to remove sand from roads and parking lots and put it back on the beach, weather events such as tropical storms and hurricanes do have the potential to cause significant harm to the lynchpin of the state's tourism economy: our beaches.

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Who Owns Our Water?

The answer to the question is a complicated one. In fact, the question of water ownership has been debated since at least ancient Rome, and today, some 2,000 years later, government, big business and Earth’s 6.9 billion and growing inhabitants are no closer to a consensus on who owns the tiny percentage of drinkable water on the planet.

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