Our Tax Structure Punishes Environment, Public Health and Low-Wealth Families

It’s time we get creative, and fairer, when deciding how and what we tax. We need to switch the tax onus away from things that don’t pollute and waste resources to things that do.

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Affordable Housing Flatlining in Portsmouth

Rhode Island's elected officials need to better understand the importance — economically, environmentally, sociality, and morally — of housing people. Passing bills is the easier part. What is needed is follow-through, funding, and support.

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Journalism Failed On Climate Crisis Front; Now It’s Normalizing Lying

As a journalist for the past 32 years, I take no glee in writing this. I find the situation embarrassing, troubling, and dangerous. It makes me sick to my stomach when I see how much the news of the day/hour/minute is framed.

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