Humans are Turning the Earth into a Vessel


Ryan Maguire is a father, artist, teacher, and advocate. To learn more, Google: Maguire Art Design @MADink401


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  1. So true. Literally EVERYTHING we do – from birth ( filling landfills with diapers made from chemicals and plastic) to eating, drinking, staying warm in homes made of wood, chemicals, and plastic, keeping the lights and computers on, getting to work and wherever we want to go, to death putting our bodies into wood boxes and taking up more precious space in the ground, or using up more energy for cremation…..everything we do uses up our precious Earth that we were supposed to protect. My adult children have decided not to have children for fear of climate change and what geopolitical nastiness these poor babies would be subject to. Sadly, I am relieved. There are folks that scream our birth rate is declining. Its bad for business. Growth at all costs. Growth of customer base ad infinitum will ultimately cause our demise. Considering humans are still multiplying exponentially, it is a good thing if our birth rate is dropping…at least until we figure things out, if ever…
    What have we done???
    What are we continuing to do???
    When will humans learn from the mistakes and lessons of the past???
    Thank you for bringing attention to this matter that many will just refuse to acknowledge in their quest to
    stay “ positive”. “De Nile is a great river”….but not a great coping mechanism.

  2. We are overpopulated. The earth simply cannot sustain current levels. It is that simple…yet neither of the political parties will talk about it….the Gop from the standpoint of “humans first” and the Democratic party from a place of fear (talking about overpopulation is just not popular at this time). There is enormous pressure to procreate, focus on traditional families, and orient our lives around children and family rights. There are even incentives built into our systems to encourage the raising of a family. Probably the human footprint we see now will only grow larger until multiple catastrophes occur simultaneously. “Going Green” seems almost ridiculous unless population levels are addressed.

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