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Our continued burning of gas, oil, coal, and other fossil fuels will unleash escalating environmental catastrophes. We know this. Yet ... (istock)

If we don’t treat our addiction to fossil fuels with desperate urgency, we will be severely punished, rightfully so, by Mother Nature. Her disciplining has already begun. It will continue to escalate, unless we help ourselves.

Sadly, those least responsible for humankind’s bad behavior — the indigent, the Global South, the rest of the living things we share this planet with, with the possible exception of belching bovines, and the future — feel the brunt of our addiction.

Perhaps it is time to pull our collective heads out of the tar sands and actually think of the children.

Just a thought.

Frank Carini can be reached at [email protected]. His opinions don’t reflect those of ecoRI News.


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  1. Thank you for mentioning the belching bovines because there are now so many available plant based proteins that our addiction to meat can also be addressed, which is another path to a healthy environment.

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