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Science Pub: Wild Stories of Bird Migration Research

  • Date

    March 11

  • Time

    5:30 pm

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We’ve all heard amazing facts about bird migration—the long distances that birds travel, the ways that they navigate, and so on. But did you ever wonder how we figured all of this out?

While working for the American Ornithological Society, Rebecca Heisman became fascinated with the varied and creative techniques that scientists have used to study bird migration. This eventually became the basis for her book Flight Paths: How a Passionate and Quirky Group of Pioneering Scientists Solved the Mystery of Bird Migration. In her talk, she’ll share some surprising stories from the history of bird migration research and discuss why understanding migration is so crucial for bird conservation.

Science Pub is a virtual speaker series by the Linda Loring Nature Foundation to connect people with real-world science and research. Guest speakers present their work in an informal and relaxed setting where questions and discussion are encouraged.




Linda Loring Nature Foundation

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