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The B Corp Effect: Setting New Standards as an Impact Driven Business

  • Date

    October 4

  • Time

    3:00 pm

  • Location

    Social Entrprise Greenhouse

Many entrepreneurs start a business with good intentions to solve a problem and benefit society. Over time pressures from investors, customers, and market demand can dilute the focus on impact. At this panel, hosted by Social Enterprise Greenhouse, you’ll hear how three businesses (including B Corps) are using standards as guardrails for running their business. The panelists will share what they didn’t expect, what it takes to maintain certain certifications, and how these certifications have built stronger relationships with their customers. Panelists include: Deana Becker, director of stakeholder operations at Preserve; Havell Rodrigues, founding partner at New Majority Capital, and Jason Salfi, founder and CEO at Dimensional Energy.


Social Enterprise Greenhouse

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