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South County Headliner: Contending with PFAS in Drinking Water

ecoRI News reporter Rob Smith will share his latest reporting about how North Kingstown made history earlier this year when it signed on to a lawsuit against 3M Company, E.I. Dupont de Nemours, Inc., and other manufacturers of per and poly-fluoroalkyl substances more commonly known as PFAS, which contaminated one of the town’s drinking water wells. While PFAS have been around since the 1940s to create water-, grease-, and stain-resistant products, environment and public health officials are only now beginning to understand the impact these substances have on the drinking-water supply and human health. Rob will moderate a discussion with a panel, touching on the local impacts of PFAS and what residents can do about it. After the discussion, you’re invited you to share your news tips over snacks at this casual after-work event. Meet our newsroom staff, and help inform our coverage. This event is free, but registration is required.




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