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Salt Ponds Coalition Annual Meeting: Keeping the Ponds Plastic Free

  • Date

    August 15

  • Time

    7:00 pm

  • Location

    Kettle Pond Visitor Center

Join Salt Ponds Coalition for its annual meeting, and hear from Sarah Davis, a graduate student at University of Rhode Island, to learn how to keep ponds plastic free. While large plastic debris in marine areas can be a visible environmental problem, tiny plastic fragments known as microplastics can present a less conspicuous but more hazardous concern. Over the last several years, researchers at URI have been characterizing marine microplastic pollution in a variety of areas. Sarah Davis will discuss her team’s work researching microplastics in Rhode Island’s waterways and share opportunities for residents to become involved in research, advocacy, and individual and collective actions to protect salt ponds.


Salt Ponds Coalition, joanna.detz@yahoo.com

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