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Salt Marsh Arboretum Tour

  • Date

    September 13

  • Time

    8:00 am

  • Location

    Newport, R.I.

Join Newport Tree Conservancy for a look into the delicate art of coastal gardening. Salt Marsh Arboretum is a species-diverse landscape bordering the restored salt marshes of Gooseneck Cove. Estate gardener Devin Skelly has worked on the property for 33 years, engaging in intensive restoration efforts involving the reestablishment of native species. Devin will lead a tour around the arboretum, describe the horticultural and restorative work he has done, and showcase the plant collection. Highlights of the arboretum include a paperbark maple grove, young giant sequoia trees, a collection of buckeyes, and the rare wheel tree . Please dress appropriately for the weather and bring your own water bottle


Newport Tree Conservancy

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