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Ensuring Electric Grid Reliability: Preparing for Increased Demand from the Highway to Home Heating

  • Date

    October 20

  • Time

    6:00 pm

  • Location

    URI Kingston Campus

Rhode Island is on the trajectory of electrification through clean energy generation as Rhode Island became the first state in the United States to create a law requiring 100% renewable energy production by 2033. Furthermore, the state enacted the 2021 Act on Climate, which set the state on the path of achieving net-zero carbon emissions economy-wide by 2050. Can Rhode achieve 100% electrification by 2033? To meet these targets much of the heating and transportation sectors will need to be electrified to run on energy from non-carbon-emitting sources. How would the electrification of the heating and transportation sectors impact Rhode Islanders? What challenges and opportunities will electrification bring for our economy and environment? A panel will discuss the ways we monitor, manage and plan in order to maintain the reliability of our regional electric grid as we continue on the path to an electrified economy.


URI Cooperative Extension

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